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Tips to Take Care of Your RV windshield

RV windshield cleaning tips

An RV gives its owner a unique sense of pride and accomplishment. Those who own recreational vehicles tend to be well-traveled and value convenience and independence.

Your RV’s windshield is crucial, so make sure to take it seriously. The windshield is an essential aspect of the safety mechanism of many vehicles, serving as more than just a shield against road debris. Follow these guidelines to keep your RV in top shape and prevent costly RV windshield replacement.

07 Tips to Take Care of Your RV Windshield

Do Not Slam Doors

It is important to refrain from slamming doors if you want to preserve the condition of your windshield. The windshield’s structural integrity will be compromised if the doors are slammed, and it may even begin to shake. Ensure that you are taking your time and doing it carefully each when you close the entrance doors.

When you slam the automobile doors shut with more force than necessary, you cause vibrations to be transmitted to the windshield. The windshield moves somewhat from its typical position as a result of the vibrations. The first thing you should do to prevent damage to your windshield is to close the doors carefully.

Maintain Regular Windshield Cleaning

The glass that has not been roughed and otherwise abraded will always have a longer lifespan than other types of glass that have been roughed or abraded. Surprisingly, material that doesn’t appear to be very significant can be the cause of roughing on your RV glass.

Over time, dried insects and other forms of biological matter can harden and become rather rigid. It’s possible that your windshield glass will be damaged in a variety of ways if you eventually try to wash these away.

As a result, it is in your best interest to wipe and dry your windshield on a frequent basis, particularly before you store your vehicle for an extended period of time.

Use Caution Around Glass Cleaners

The safety of your windshield could be compromised by the glass cleaner you use. Use caution when cleaning glass, and try to stay away from products that contain ammonia.

It’s not a good idea to clean the car’s windows with the same glass cleaners you use at home. It’s a good idea to get some guidance before you clean your windshield with anything. Windshields can be damaged by the strong chemicals in some glass cleaners.

Check and perhaps replace your wiper blades

Always plan to replace your windshield wipers every other year. But they may be examined every time you take your RV in for service. Even if you’ve never used these knives before, it’s necessary to practice with them. Blade chemicals are susceptible to deterioration from the sun and other environmental factors over time. The windshield could be broken if you turn on the wipers if the blades are old.

Don’t drive on any roads that have been recently sanded

Small pebbles and other stones are common on recently sanded roads. When sharing the road with other vehicles, this rubbish can easily be thrown up in the air and spread all around you. If you can help it, try to avoid driving on gravel roads.

Keep away from direct sunlight

When parking your vehicle, you should try to steer clear of areas that are exposed to direct sunlight. In addition to causing the paint of the vehicle to fade, sunlight can also cause the windshield to become damaged.

When you leave your automobile parked in the sun’s rays, the color of the tint on the windshield will change. In the event that the windshield already has a few chips, you will see that the chips are developing into cracks as a result of the high temperatures.

Get Your Chips Fixed Up Straight Away

If you see any chips on your vehicle, you should get them fixed as soon as possible. Do not wait an excessive amount of time because chips are prone to transform into cracks if they are let to sit unnoticed for too long.

You won’t even have time to notice when your entire windshield is cracked, and by the time you do, you might have to get it replaced entirely. Ensure that you perform routine checks on your windshield to look for chips so that you can avoid the expense and inconvenience of having to replace it permanently.

Why it’s Important to Take Care of RV’s Windshield

Your RV’s windshield is an important safety element, but you probably don’t give it much thought because you likely look right through it! In fact, you probably stare right through it!

However, they also carry out the necessary work of reinforcing the framework of your RV, making it less likely that it will be damaged in the event of a rollover. They will also keep you inside the RV in situations where you might have otherwise been evicted.

In today’s vehicles, windshields are typically made of glass that has been laminated with bits of plastic to keep the windshield intact in the event that it is damaged. When your windshield develops a fracture or a divot, it is essential to have it replaced as soon as possible. In the event of a collision, your windshield will be robust, thanks to this measure.

On the other hand, windshields that have been manufactured with flaws can sometimes shatter for no reason at all related to the recreational vehicle, causing passengers to be wounded and injured by flying glass fragments.

We also have a detailed guide on How to Avoid Expensive RV Windshield Repairs.


Finally, some advice on protecting your RV’s windshield. To wrap things up, if you see something amiss with your RV’s windshield, you can try a do-it-yourself repair, but it’s a risky venture if you’re not an expert.

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